The Bowl of Milk by Berthe Morisot


Earlier today I was searching the internet and I stumbled upon this painting. It was difficult to find information about this painting as it does not seem to be very famous.

The painting is by Berthe Morisot. She was a female artist of the  Impressionist movement. It’s really interesting to read her biography. She was the granddaughter of Jean-Honoré Fragonard a Rococo painter. Even more interesting is that she was married to Eugne Manet, brother of Édouard Manet, one of the most influential painters of the Impressionist movement.

This painting technique shows the characteristic brush strokes used by Impressionist painters. Their goal was to portray immediacy and movement. Impressionist went against traditional academic painting and introduced “en plain air painting”, painting landscapes outside instead of inside a studio.

I love how calibrated the colors in this painting are. I love that Morisot used greens and blues for the background’s grass and girl’s dress to make the viewers eyes focus on the girl’s face and on the bowl of milk. The bowl of milk and the girl’s face have very similar colors and shapes, which creates the focal point of the painting.

I was not able to find an analysis of this painting, but to me it seems like this is a scene of daily life of a peasant girl. Both her dress and hairstyle are very simple, which tells us that she does not belong to the upper class. We can also see that she comes from a peasant life, because she is bringing a bowl of milk across a grass field, definitely something that an aristocrat girl would not do.

The girl’s facial expression and the simple background give me a feeling of calmness.

When I think of milk related to that feeling of calmness,  I think of the warmed up milk that I drank when I was a child before going to bed. Still now, my grandmother drinks a cup of milk with honey every night  before going to sleep.

Here is a recipe that includes milk and honey, with a little twist.


Dreamy Nighttime drink


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