Breakfast in Bed by Mary Cassatt

I stumbled upon this painting earlier today and I was captured by its beauty and sweetness.

Today’s painting is called Breakfast in Bed and is by American/French artist Mary Cassatt.



Breakfast in Bed by Mary Cassatt, 1897

Cassatt portrayed a mother and her child in bed. I love how the artist was able to portray the sweetness and intimacy of this moment. The mother is holding her child tightly, but at the same time, she is relaxing and enjoying this hug. The mother’s eyes are focused and alert on the child; it seems like the mother wants to make sure that nothing goes wrong. I love the mother’s delicate face. I think she is beautiful. The mother’s face looks so young to me; it almost seems like she is a child herself. This could explain why the mother looks so alert: she is probably a very young mother, and the baby is probably her first child.

I also love the baby’s sweet facial expression and sweet golden curls. Like her mother, the baby is focused on something. It seems like the child is looking at the cup that is on the bedside table. It looks like it’s their breakfast.

I love the colors of this painting. I love how the warm pink skin of the two subjects pops out, in contrast with the sea of white of the sheets, pillows and night gowns. The white is present again in the cup on the green bed side table. This creates unity in the painting, allowing the viewer to focus on the two protagonists of the painting: the mother and her child.

When I first saw this painting it reminded me of Bowl of Milk by Berthe Morisot. The facial expressions of the mother and the girl in Bowl of Milk are similar: they are both sweet, innocent and seem so lost in their thoughts. The painting technique also seems similar to me, that may be, because Mary Cassatt was also an Impressionist.

I also think that the vibe of the painting is similar to the one of Cup of Chocolate by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. They both give a sense of calmness and that morning sleepiness and tranquility.

Here are two links where you can hear more about Breakfast in Bed and read more about Mary Cassatt‘s life and style.

As for today’s recipe, the first thing that came to my mind was Cappuccino. I don’t think that the cup represented in the painting is a cup of Cappuccino, but when I think of breakfast, that’s the first beverage I think of. When I’m home that is what I usually drink in the morning, especially on a sunday when everybody in the family is more relaxed and has more time to enjoy breakfast.

In Italy, Cappuccino is a beverage only consumed during breakfast, and it’s rare or almost impossible to see people drinking cappuccino after 12 pm.


Here is a video that explains how to make the perfect cappuccino. Enjoy!


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