The Blind Man’s Meal by Pablo Picasso

I was exploring the MMA’s website earlier today to look for events and special exhibitions I could go see during winter break. I then started looking at all of their database of their permanent collections and found the painting for today’s post.

The painting is called The Blind Man’s Meal. It was painted in 1903 by Pablo Picasso.


The Blind Man’s Meal by Pablo Picasso, 1903

I find this painting to be so delicate and melancholic. This painting comes from Pablo Picasso’s “Blue period” , which went from 1901 to 1904. In  this period Picasso used blue as the main color in his paintings. This period is for Picasso a period of transition between classicism and modern art. The subjects of the paintings are poor and lonely people, which accentuate the feelings of melancholy and sadness.

I think this painting is a really a masterpiece. I love how Picasso created this slender and boney figure to give the idea of poverty. I also really like how he painted the man’s hands. They are skinny and long in contrast with the round and soft bun in his hands. I also really love how he painted the man’s eyes. He was able to create a hollow blur to give the idea that the man is blind.

I do not want to share a recipe for this painting. I think it wouldn’t be fair, since the subject of the painting is a poor man. Instead, since Thanksgiving is also coming up, I encourage you to donate food to some organization that fights hunger. Donating to big organizations is good, but I think it will be even better to donate to a local food pantry. Sometimes we do not realize that right in the place where we live people are suffering from hunger.

A couple of weeks ago, my school organized a food collection for the South Hadley Food Pantry. They raised a lot of food and it was a nice way for the students at Mount Holyoke College to give back to the town that hosts us. We have so many resources here at the school that sometimes we forget to look outside of our little campus world. Therefore I think that helping out and being involved in what goes on in the town community is a great way to be aware of what goes on outside of our campus.


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