The Cider Mill by John George Brown

Yesterday and today were really cold days here in Western Massachusetts. Unfortunately for me, a warm weather lover, winter is coming. Because of this, I want to remember and celebrate my favorite New England’s season: fall.

Therefore today’s painting is The Cider Mill by John George Brown. Here is a link, if you would like to learn more about John George Brown.


The Cider Mill by John George Brown, 1880.

I absolutely love this painting, because it really portrays the essence of fall. What gives the idea of fall the most for me, is the light in the painting. The light is the typical light of a warm fall day, around 5/6 o’clock at night. The incredible amount of apples in the painting also suggests that it’s fall. I love that the apples have different shades and coloring: yellow, green, red.

I really like how Brown portrayed the five little girls. They are very detailed, to me they look like little porcelain dolls. Their clothes are so detailed and what I love the most are their shoes, which are so accurate. The children are spending time at a cider mill, and while they are there they all eat apples. The two girls in the left of the painting are eating an apple, but are also holding and saving apples to eat later. To me this seems like a get-together of cousins. It seems like this is an early fall Sunday when cousins play and spend time at the grandparents’ farm. It really reminds of my cousin and I, when we would spend weekends and weeks in the summer at my grandparents’ house. We would play all day and invent games with anything our grandmother would give to us. We also ate a lot of snacks. Not so much apples, but the chocolate pudding our grandma would prepare.

As for today’s recipe, here is a video recipe on how to make your own apple cider at home! Enjoy it on these lasts fall days and also in these cold winter days that are coming!


Spiced Hot Apple Cider Recipe


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