Tea Time (Woman with a Spoon) by Jean Metzinger

I’m very excited to talk about today’s painting. I was looking at paintings online earlier today and when I saw this I thought it was perfect for today’s post, because it fits well with my day.

Today was the last day of classes before Thanksgiving break here at Mount Holyoke College. It was strange to be in classes that were half empty because many people were traveling. The campus felt very empty and silent. I had only one class today, and after I was able to relax. It was very nice to have a day were I could just relax, read, listen to music and hang out with my roommate. This semester has been really busy, I’ve been running around everyday. It was just great to have a day to just unplug.

Since today’s theme is relaxing, I went and looked for paintings of people drinking tea. What better way to relax than enjoy a warm cup of tea, especially on a cold rainy day?

Today’s painting is called Tea Time (Woman with a Spoon) by Jean Metzinger.


Tea Time (Woman with a Spoon) by Jean Metzinger, 1911

I really like this painting. It amazes me how interesting a subject or object becomes when seen and portrayed with “cubist” eyes.

When Jean Metzinger moved to Paris he was heavily influenced by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso.

This painting really expresses the characteristics of cubism. In  the painting there is no traditional perspective technique, the subject is not directly copied from nature, the work gives a two-dimensional feeling. The woman’s face and body are represented in many different square facets.

The colors are also very interesting. There are a lot of greys, browns, blacks and then there are two spots which are red (one in the top left corner and one right next to the woman’s right eye.) I don’t know exactly why Metzinger decide that those two particular areas should be red.

I also find the representation of the cup to be really interesting. It looks like it’s split in two. We can see the cup from two different angles. The left part of the cup is portrayed as seen from the front; the right part, as seen from the top, allowing us to see what’s in the cup. The cup is definitely my favorite part of the painting.

As for today’s recipe, I thought of a relaxing tea beverage: chamomile. My mother used to give me chamomile tea before I went to bed as a kid, so that I would relax and quickly fall asleep. We used to buy chamomile tea bags, let them steep, and just drink them with a little lemon juice. For today’s recipe, I would like to share this Chamomile Lavender Mint Iced Tea. It seems to be really refreshing, and I’m really curious about the presence of  lavender in this recipe. I definitely have to try it too!





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