Freedom from Want by Norman Rockwell

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving today and is resting with a very full stomach.

Like the previous one, today’s post will be about Thanksgiving. I had a great day today with my American and Italian family. We celebrated Thanksgiving at my American aunt and uncle’s home. As I was saying during dinner earlier today, while we were sharing our favorite things about Thanksgiving; what I love the most about Thanksgiving is being at auntie Melanie and uncle Donnie.

I could not imagine Thanksgiving any other way. I love riding in the car with my American mom and dad, and this year with my Italian parents as well, I love getting there and seeing the whole family, the daughters, the son, the grandchildren. I love helping Donnie carve the turkey, which is a job he reserves for the youngest woman in the family. I love chatting and staying with the kids and then play Jeopardy in the living room. I love hearing stories of their family and talk about Italy and the US and the rest of the world. I love, of course, eating the wonderful food.

Therefore, today’s work of art is the famous Freedom from Want (The Thanksgiving Picture) by Norman Rockwell.


Freedom from Want by Norman Rockwell, 1943

This is the image that is probably most associated to Thanksgiving. It has been reproduced and changed in many different versions for ads, tv programs, etc.

I love people’s faces in the illustration. Everybody looks so happy and excited to share a meal with their family and to eat the big turkey. Today’s turkey was 28 pounds! It was the biggest turkey I had ever seen.

As for today’s recipe, here is a link of recipes using Thanksgiving leftovers. I will post the direct links of my two favorite ones: Turkey and Onion Sandwich and Turkey Croquettes, these use a lot of the leftovers.



I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving day and is now able to rest!


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