Les Petites Menageres by Henry Jules Jean Geoffroy

Something I really like about writing this blog is that every day I get to discover artists that were unknown to me.

Today’s painting is Les Petites Menageres by Henry Jules Jean Geoffroy.

small_les-petites-menageres-1 Les Petites Menageres by Henry Jules Jean Geoffroy

I did some research online and found some information about Geoffroy’s life. After looking at pictures of his paintings I was able to see that his preferred subject were children. I love how Geoffroy portrays the children, I love how he represents their facial expressions; he makes the children look like they are alive. What I love the most about Geoffroy’s children are the puffy cheeks and big round open eyes. You can see some of these painting here.

I really like this painting. I love that Geoffroy decided to focus on the children hanging out at the market, instead of focusing on the adults. In the painting, the children are like petite adults. They are dressed like adults, just in smaller clothes. Children dressed the same way as adults up until the 1960’s when youth movements started to form, and when people in the 13-19 age group started to be called teenagers. This is when children and young adults started to dress differently from their parents. With jeans, t-shirts,  they created their own new fashion. The body language of the children also resembles the one of adults. The girl on the right of the painting is leaning forward the same way a woman would do while listening to a friend gossiping. The girl on the left, is the friend who is gossiping. The little boy’s body language resembles the one of a man standing and talking to his friends. It’s incredible how these children behave so much like adults. They remind me of older people hanging out at the market: talking between one purchase and the other. They resemble adults also because they are the ones shopping for the family: carrying big baguettes, heavy baskets of apples and bottles of wine, which are not usually something we associate with children.

As for today’s recipe, I thought of using the ingredients I can identify in the children’s baskets . I found this recipe for a very tasty appetizer. The appetizer is a Apple, Honeycomb & Brie Crostini. It uses bread, like baguette, apples, and it can be served along with some wine. I love the combination of Brie and fruit, they go perfectly together. I love how the bread and the apple are crispy, but the Brie is soft and warm like the honey.





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