Le Repas by Andre Masson

Today’s post will be about a painting called Le Repas by Andre Masson.


Le Repas by Andre` Masson

I really like this painting because you can see different things depending from where you look at it. If you look at it from a far distance, the red objects, which are the pomegranates, look like pieces of meat, like raw steak. Looking from far away, the sweater of the man on the bottom left looks like bones and veins; it looks like we are looking through an x-ray machine. The red and thick liquid in the glasses appears to look like blood. I think it’s amazing how this painting which seems to portray a simple meal with fruit and bread, can be seen as something graphic and a little disturbing.

What I also love about this painting are the people in it. I especially love how Masson portrayed the man in the top right of the painting. The man seems really tired and has all of his weight on his right arm. All of the men seem tired. To me this looks like breakfast. Everybody is still waking up and is tired, but knows that they have to go to work.

Because the meal in the painting reminds me of breakfast, I decided to share a recipe for a breakfast food that can be made with pomegranate. Here is a recipe for Pomegranate Pancakes.




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