Breakfast of the Birds by Gabriele Münter

Winter is definitely approaching here in Massachusetts. Yesterday and today have both been really cold! Yesterday night it snowed and when I woke up this morning I was delighted to see that there was some still on the ground. I stayed in my bed for a couple of more minutes, to look at the white landscape outside my window. I then decided I would have some breakfast in my room, looking outside of the window.

I found this painting which really reminds me of my morning, although the landscape is a little snowier and the breakfast a little richer.

The painting is called Breakfast of the Birds  and is by German Expressionist artist Gabriele Münter.

breakfast-of-the-birds-1934(1).jpg!BlogBreakfast of the Birds by Gabriele Münter, 1934

I think this painting is very beautiful. I love how smooth the colors are; I especially love the color of the birds’ feathers. The way Münter paints the curtain is amazing, she makes it look real. My other favorite part of the painting is the snowy branch with the birds. I love that the birds all have different colors; they also seem so soft and delicate. What I also really love is that the woman, which seems to be a self portrait of the artist, is portrayed from the back, so that the focus is on the birds.

It seems like the birds are taking part to the wonderful breakfast. Maybe the woman will leave crumbs on the window seal after she is done.

The breakfast seems to be made of coffee and some sort of bread/cake. To me it looks like yogurt cake, which sometimes I like to eat for breakfast. Here is a wonderful recipe!





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