The Lunch of the Little Ones by Pierre Bonnard

I’m very excited about today’s painting and recipe. Earlier this week I found this beautiful painting that reminded me of my childhood. Today’s painting is called The Lunch of the Little Ones and is by French painter Pierre Bonnard.

Bonnard 1897 the-lunch-of-the-little-ones_jpg!BlogThe Lunch of the Little Ones by Pierre Bonnard, 1897

This painting reminds me a lot of my childhood. The two children, a boy and a girl, eat at a table by themselves. Well, they aren’t really alone; as they are joined by a cat. What reminds me of my childhood is the children eating at their own table. When I was younger, my family used to organize many dinner parties with family friends and their children. Since we could not all fit at the same table, the children used sit at their own table, which was this little wooden table in the living room. I also think that my mother would allow us to sit there so that it was easier for us to excuse ourselves from the table and go play.

My mother used to decorate our table just as nice as the adults’ table. She would also turn on only one of our lamps so that the light would create a nice and calm atmosphere, very similar to the one in the painting. The light is what I like the most of this painting. It creates a very intimate atmosphere, between the children and their friend, the cat.

I can’t really tell what kind of food the children are eating, but because of the colors, the shape and the fact that the children are eating with their hands, it makes me think that the food is some sort of bread.

During these dinners my mother would always make her best dish: tigelle. Tigelle are little bread pockets that you eat like little sandwiches, with prosciutto, salame, coppa and other cured meats and cheeses. They remind me a lot of what the children are eating.

Tigelle are one of my favorite dishes. Here is the recipe! The recipe says you should use a Tigelliera or a griddle to cook the dough, but a panini press is just as good. That is what my mother usually uses. If you want to try a sweet version of this dish, you should save some for dessert and fill them with Nutella!


I will definitely try to make them during winter break here in the U.S.



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