Lunch at the New York Public Library by Amy Stewart

This week the temperature has been getting harsher and harsher, and the colder it gets the more I think of summer. I have a hard time standing cold weather, so whenever I can enjoy warm weather I do, even if it’s only in my thoughts.

Earlier today I found this painting online. This is a contemporary painting, by New york Times Bestselling author Amy Stewart and it’s called: Lunch at the New York Public Library.


Lunch at the New York Public Library by Amy Stewart, 2012

I really like this painting. I love the vivid colors. The intense blues and yellows light up the canvas. I also love the big brush strokes, that remind me of the expressionist painting style.

What I also love about this painting is the subject. A young woman sitting at a metal table below the steps of the New York Public Library. I love that place, especially in the spring and summer next to the beautiful Bryant Park.

What I love the most is the fact that this woman is having lunch. But what is the woman eating? I don’t think she has food in her hands. I think she is holding a phone in her right hand and a cold drink in her left hand. This portrays the modern lunch: quick, small and on-the-go. The woman in the painting,  probably has had a quick sandwich or salad in the café outside the office and is now enjoying the last few minutes of her lunch break. She is doing so by checking her phone and drinking a cold beverage in a hot sunny day.

For today’s recipe I would like to share a cold and refreshing iced tea recipe that would be perfect in a sunny and hot New York day! It’s a recipe for Moroccan Iced Mint Tea that I will definitely enjoy once summer arrives.




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