After Lunch by Patrick Caulfield

As I have already said in my last post, whenever I am in a place that is very cold and rainy, I always think of how much I miss summer and the nice warm weather.

Today I found another painting that makes me think of summer. It’s called: After Lunch and it’s by English artist, Patrick Caulfield.

 After Lunch 1975 by Patrick Caulfield 1936-2005

After Lunch by Patrick Caulfield, 1975

I am in love with this painting. I love how Caulfield was able to use a photograph and acrylic to create such a great piece. What I really like about this painting is how the inside environment mixes with the outside environment. The photograph of the Château de Chillon is supposed to be a painting hung in the inside of the restaurant, but it also looks like the real Château de Chillon you might see from the window inside the restaurant.

The colors and the perspective make the painting become even more tridimensional; it looks so real that the viewer feels as if they were right in the restaurant.

What I also love, is the waiter who is resting after having served all morning. This element also connects the inside with the outside.

Another detail I really like is the fish tank right close to the window. The fish tank mixes with the Chalet photograph creating unity in the painting.

This painting makes me think of summer; it makes me think of vacation. It reminds me of a vacation at the lake, in the mountains, usually the Alps, or the Adriatic riviera. Something that is very popular to eat on vacation in Italy is Prosciutto e melone, which is cantaloupe wrapped in Prosciutto. I know it might sound a little strange because the cantaloupe is so sweet and the Prosciutto is salty but it makes a really great and light summer dish.




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