Breakfast in the Open by Carl Larsson

I have been finding a lot of paintings that portray breakfast lately. I do not know if it’s because of how I research, or if breakfast is perhaps a preferred subject for artists. It seems to me that breakfast is one of the most intimate moments of a family. At breakfast you have just woken up, you are in your pajamas, you do not need to be already dressed up and elegant. Breakfast during the weekends are actually my favorite, because there is no rush like there is during the week and everybody is happier and more relaxed and therefore takes time to enjoy breakfast.

Today’s work of art, is an illustration of a family having breakfast, it’s called: Breakfast in the Open by Carl Larsson.

Carl Larsson-246958

Breakfast in the Open by Carl Larsson, 1913

I think this painting is spectacular. I love how Larsson portrayed depth and perspective, making the viewer see both detail in the front of the painting, like the young lady to the left, and all the way down in the back, like the red house on the lake. Larsson was not only able to portray depth, but also width. The painting resembles a panoramic photograph.

There are two other things I really love about this painting. The first one is movement. Larsson inserted many characters, each one of them is doing something different: a man is playing the violin in the front, some women are setting the breakfast table, a girl is daydreaming against a tree. All of these activities create a lot of movement because they are so diverse. What I also really like is how Larsson portrayed the trees. I love how delicate the trees look and how they really shape the painting; they create so much rhythm, creating different sections of the paintings.

As for today’s recipe, I do not have a specific one. Since I do not know much about Swedish breakfast, I did some research on what types of food are popular for this meal. I found this travel article on Swedish Breakfast that gives a little overview on popular breakfast food. I also found a website with the Top 10 most popular Swedish Foods.


While looking at the Top 10 foods link, I remembered seeing something about Swedish cuisine in a photo exhibition by Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti. This project is called Delicatessen with Love and is a collection of photographs of grandmothers from all over the world cooking something typical of their region.

 The pictures are wonderful, they really show how different people in the world are and how differently they eat. What struck me is to see how different the ingredients, the quantity, the packaging of the food, the age of the grandmothers are.

 Here is a picture from the project, a Swedish grandmother cooking a recipe with salmon, potatoes and green beans.



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