Gathering Shells by Eugene de Blaas

What I really like about all of the paintings I find is that each of them has a unique personality. What I have been liking a lot lately is the delicacy and sweetness of the paintings.

Today’s painting has both. The colors and subjects give me a sense of calmness and sweetness. Today’s painting is called Gathering Shells and is by Italian painter Eugene de Blaas.


Gathering Shells by Eugene de Blaas

Many of De Blaas’ paintings are of Venice and of Venetian people. Here is a link of many other De Blaas’ paintings. I really like all of them. The women have so much character and energy, but also a lot of sweetness. I love the women’s eyes, that look right into the viewer’s eyes.

What I love so much about the painting is that it looks like the time has stopped.

The woman to the left is very still: her dress does not move, her arms are in a very static position. The woman to the right is also still. Despite the fact that she is poring the clams into the bucket, she looks frozen, as if somebody had pressed the pause button of a TV remote. The shells are portrayed in the moment when they are falling from the basket to the bucket. De Blaas is able to capture the exact moment of the fall, when the shells are suspended in the air. I love this detail, it almost feels like the viewer can enter into the painting and grab those falling shells.

The colors also suggest stillness. The grey gives an idea of tranquility and therefore of a world without movement.

As for today’s recipe, I wold like to share one of my favorite recipes that use clams as their main ingredient. Spaghetti alle Vongole, which are spaghetti with clams. They are one of my favorite pasta dishes, which I eat every summer when I go to Marina di Ravenna, a seaside town, near the  city of Mosaics, Ravenna, where there is always fresh fish and seafood.


If the clams are fresh, the success of this recipe is guaranteed!



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