Woman Selling Figs by Louay Kayyali

As I said in yesterday’s post, many of the artists and paintings I have talked about are Europeans or set in Europe. These past few days I decided to find paintings of non-Europeans artists. Yesterday I talked about Diego Rivera, the famous Mexican painter.

Today’s painting is called Woman Selling Figs and is by Syrian artist Louay Kayyali. I looked at some of his works, they are all very beautiful. My favorites are the ones made with oil paint on wood . I think they are very unique.


Woman Selling Figs by Louay Kayyali, 1974

I find this painting to be really beautiful and unique. I love how Kayyali portrayed this woman. I think this might be the best painting I’ve talked about so far. What I love so much about this painting is the technique Kayyali used. Since he painted on particle board, the result is unique. When you look at the painting you can see the actual wooden texture, which is absolutely amazing. I also really love the colors of this painting. The color of the figs is similar to the woman’s dress and eyes. This creates unity in the painting. What I also really love is the woman’s face. She is absolutely gorgeous. Her eyes are very beautiful and expressive. It looks like she is inviting the viewer to talk to her.

I am really in love with this painting. It’s very different from all the other paintings I talked about. It’s just wonderful and unique.

As for today’s recipe I would like to share a recipe for Whole Fig Preserve. I love figs. When I’m at home during the summer, I get to eat a lot of them because I have a fig tree in my garden. My favorite way to eat figs is to eat them fresh, plain. My grandmother also makes fig preserve, which is really good, so I thought of sharing that with you.


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